China Team

In 1972 the US wished to establish communications with China. At that time there were no direct telephone or television connects to China.

Mr. Johnson worked with Dr. Henry Kissinger, Hughes Aircraft, and Western Union International, to implement a the first satellite link between the USA and Mainland China.

Mr. Johnson's team engineered and built the Satellite TV and Telephone equipment which was incorporated into the worlds first air transportable earth station which was flown to Beijing.

To field test the transportable earth station, it was flown to Persia for coverage of Vice President Agnew's presentation at the 2500 year anniversary of the Persian Empire.


Mr. Johnson and Dr. Henry Kissinger


News Release


Jamesburg CA Hub


Coastcom Multiplex Test


Left: Mr Johnson
Center: William Roberts, Coastcom
Lower: Jerry Lewis, Hughs

First Letter out of China


China Letter Text


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