Wireless City Center Ensenada Baja Mexico

For the Internet Service Provider in a rural or developing area of the world, satellite connectivity directly to the US backbone offers a family of services that can yield a high level of efficiency and profitability for the ISP and allow the business to grow more rapidly.

A proprietary integration of  satellite uplinks and downlinks, sophisticated caching techniques, streaming technologies, uncongested backbone connectivity, and wireless last mile solutions provides a very completive resource to the ISP. The ISP can vastly improve the service that they provide their local customers such that they become the best and most successful Internet Service Providers in their area. The result is that the customer base grows and profits increase. A fully scalable pricing structure insures  that costs only grow as bandwidth demand grows.

A custom portal is designed to provide ease of navigation and access to locally directed content. We work with local ISP's to repackage multimedia information and entertainment content along with customized and localized news, advertising and information in order to maximize appeal to local customers.

The City Center service provides affiliates both technical and business training along with equipment leasing, all designed to help the affiliate succeed and grow more rapidly in his local market.



For example, we engineered, licensed, constructed, and put into revenue service a complete City Center, including two-way satellite link and Wireless Metropolitan Area Network for InterAccess  in Ensenada Mexico,



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