On January 5th 2005 Mr. Johnson briefed the International Training Center delegates from universities and businesses all around Latin America on ways to manage business risk using telecommunication. After which they toured the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratories. This is where the USA deep space unmanned robotic probes are built and operated. 

 Mr. Johnson briefed the ITC Group of distinguished delegates from Latin America. Dr. Miguel Cardenas, President of ITC and San Diego Global University, was the moderator.

This is a model of the probe to the Titan moon of the planet Saturn.

The Cassini probe landed on Titan just a few weeks before the presentation.

The Mars Lander and the next Mars unmanned probe can be seen in the JPL assembly area.

 This is the NASA-JPL Master Control room for both the Mars Lander and Titan probe.

Mr. Johnson with the ITC team at the visitor observation window

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