Data Broadcast Networks

The TDC team played a key role in the early days of the development of satellite data broadcast industry and the technology of reliable data transmission to very small dishes.

Examples include:

PanAm Weather Systems - 300 sites The nations first satellite driven data caching network. Providing weather data to small airports in the US and Mexico.

Satellite Broadcast Network- 1000 + sites Direct to rural home TVRO based network providing  weather data, commodity prices, and other information relevant to farmers.

Multicom - 500 sites A nation wide satellite and top 100 market FM SCA network providing data broadcast services.

Federal News - 250 sites  Providing daily transcripts of the US congressional sessions.

AutoParts Network - 150 sites Providing an exchange for used auto parts.

IncomNet - 310 sites An auto parts exchange network for  dismantlers, repair shops,  and insurance companies.

NASDAQ - 300 sites Satellite fed LED stock ticker displays nationwide did a great deal to introduce NASDAQ to the public.

Xerox Information Systems - 300 sites Providing corporate data distribution services

Kavoras Weather Systems -120 sites Providing animated weather graphics and radar information to TV stations nationwide.

Digital Media - 250 sites

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