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In the late 70’s, the team of TDC conceived, demonstrated, and implemented the world’s first small dish satellite broadcast networks for radio, financial, and newspaper wire services. In the 80’s, we built 70 networks, including AP, Dow Jones, Mutual, NBC, Muzak, etc., and installed over 5,000 small dishes on nearly every radio station and newspaper in the country. This leapfrogged the telephone grade network and completely changed the newspaper and broadcast industry in North America.

Mutual Broadcast System - 1,800 sites
The Associated Press - 1,100 sites
United Press International - 200 sites
New York Metropolitan Opera - 220 sites
Muzak - 230 sites
ABC Talk Radio - 130 sites
RKO Radio Network - 300 sites
Minnesota News Network - 170 sites
Wold Communications - 300 sites
Portland Trailblazers - 30 sites
Accelerated Christian Ed. - 5 sites
Southern States Network - 30 sites
Louisiana State Network - 70 sites
Mississippi State Network - 30 sites
Durham Life Broadcasting - 20 sites
Kansas State Network - 28 sites
Minnesota Twins Network - 32 sites
Christian Science Radio - 100 sites
Transtar Network - 300 sites  
Physicians Radio Network - 30 sites
Family Radio - 50 sites
Farmers Radio- 30 sites

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NAB 1978 ................... \/


In 1977 TDC was formed. One of the target technologies was satellite delivery of high fidelity program audio. To address the market Modulation Associates Inc. was formed. At the time there were two technologies that held promise, multiple channels per carrier (MCPC) and single channel per carrier (SCPC). MAI/TDC teamed with California Microwave Inc. CMI the clear leader in SCPC technology. SCPC had an inherent signal to noise of about 35db which was to noisy for music. TDC us it knowledge of sound compression/expansion to achieve a signal to noise in excess of 65db which was comparable to a master recording. We then used modulation techniques and threshold extension to reduce the amount of satellite capacity required which significantly reduced the cost per channel. All this combined to allow the dish diameter to be reduced from 18ft to 6ft. A prototype was demonstrated to the management of the MUTUAL Broadcasting Network who took it to the 1978 National Association of Broadcasters convention. They demonstrated high quality stereo delivered by satellite from their Washington DC studios to 6ft dish on the balcony of their suite on top of the Los Vegas Hilton Hotel.  ........Note: Even tho we could make things work very well with a 6ft dish, the FCC would not authorize any thing smaller than 12ft for the first installations.

Mutual's first California radio Sat


KMER Wyoming


The only available news feeds to KMER were over rural telephone lines which were intermittent and so bad that they were barely intelligible.

KMER is a unique challenge . It falls in the "It can't be done" category of conventional satellite engineering. While ruining test on Voice Over Video, Walt observed that telephone channels near the bottom of the multiplexed channels of a conventional satellite telephone signal survived well after the main carrier was below threshold and unusable. The ABC radio network program channels were down at the bottom next to the main carrier. Walt used this phenomena to deliver high quality ABC radio to KMER in the middle of rural Wyoming.



Physicians Radio Nework


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