Special Projects

These are some of the projects the TDC team has taken a principle role in. In some cases TDC formed a company with a particular focus or we teamed with another company.

China Team

First direct Radio, TV, and Telephone link to the US from China, built for President Nixon's and Dr. Kissinger's Historic trip to China


Half Transponder TV sound Used by Intelsat worldwide

Small Dish Development,The precursor to the VSAT

Data Broadcast Networks

SBN, NASDAQ, Auto Parts Net, PanAm Weather

San Diego Teleport

TV Broadcast

Canal 66 Mexicali, Baja California Mexico

KUID-TV/FM Educational TV for Northern Idaho

Time Tailor Significant Income from additional spot availabilities
Channel 66 Transmitter site

Radio Networks

US Radio Networks Mutual, RKO, Baseball, The Met

US Wire Service Nets AP, UPI, Christian Sci. Monitor, Dayly Racing form, Corriere della Sera



City Center Satellite fed wireless Internet Hub

WiFi Cyber Cafes, University Campuses

 Microwave CARS Band, STL, Air-to-ground, Apolo Splash Down
Wireless City Center, Ensenada, Baja California

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