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Prime Image was founded in 1985 by Emmy Award winning video engineer William Hendershot. In 2003 the company was purchased by The Lomax Companies and reincorporated in 2007 as Prime Image Delaware, Inc., d/b/a Prime Image. Telcom Design Corp. has been marketing the Time Taylor since 1998 and has sold nearly 100 units in the past 22 years. For further information please contact Ing. Alex Rodriguez at (619) 955-9342 or alexr.tdc@gmail.com

Prime Image’s Time Tailor TT3500 series is the most feature filled design ever offered. An all new design, the HD / SD time reduction system is based on Prime Image’s patented frame accurate time-reduction process.

The Time Tailor TT3500 series offers both 16 channel Embedded and AES/EBU audio as-well-as frame accurate Closed Caption data in both HD and SD, all processed on-the-fly.

The Time Tailor automatically time-reduces programming as it is downloaded and sets up the automation system for insertion of commercial breaks.

Functions supported by Time Tailors automation package include:

scheduling of time-reduction jobs for multiple downloads of different programs,
automatic launching of scheduled jobs with user selectable control of source and output or record devices under Time Tailor management,
time-line reporting of processed programming with times and spot durations,
auto save of report and actions into automated system.
The optional FasTrack TT combine to provide a control and automation package for a turn-key solution for the most demanding of time reduction requirements.

The Time Tailor line of products provide both a solution for saving editing time as well as making more money by enhancing your ability to offer more commercial space, all while broadcasting live. It is a fully automated system designed for cable, broadcast, content providers and post-production facilities for editing program and/or segment times to fit into new time-slots.

An example of Time Tailor use is a first-run broadcast time slot that allows 22 to 23 minutes for the actual show with the remaining time used for commercials, promotional spots and public service announcements. When these shows are re-broadcast as reruns, or in syndication by local, cable or satellite channels, they must be run in a 21-minute time slot. Old ways of reducing the time needed to play out a show included editing out scenes, racing through the credits, and playing out the show at a higher than original speed.

The Time Tailor micro-editing removes video frames automatically and undetectable without compromising the integrity of the original content. The Time Tailor provides a faster and less expensive method of content processing with the final output that is a higher quality than that modified by other methods. Based on Prime Images’ Time Tailor’s patented time-reduction process and the FasTrack TT, the combined system offers virtually limitless time-reduction beyond the optional 5 minute SD and 1 minute, 50 second HD.

The Time Tailor TT3500 series supports NTSC, PAL and SECAM formats (see specifications for more detail).

Time Tailor’s fully digital processing reduces video program run-time for the creation of additional time. The patented time reduction process occurs in real-time without pre-recording, pre-processing, compression or compromising the integrity of the program, and devoid of discernible video or audio effects when used judiciously. The amount of additional time created and the time duration over which it is created is programmable as well as variable.  

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